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The LCC works among a larger community of scholarly organizations to broaden the perspectives on and access to studies of the ancient world. Please get to know our powerful allies! 

Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus (AAACC)
The Asian and Asian American Classical Caucus is a group of Asian and Asian American students and scholars of classical antiquity interested in studying the reception of the classical tradition in contemporary Asian and Asian American culture, and they are committed to increasing the diversity of the field of Classics.

Classics and Social Justice Group
The Classics and Social Justice group brings together scholars who are working in various ways on social justice, using Classics. This work brings Classics out of the academy and returns it to the least privileged in our society; this group seeks to draw together those trained in the field who are in some cases giving intellectual life-lines to those in difficult situations: the incarcerated, veterans, and children with least access to quality education. 

Eos exists to create a supportive, dedicated community for studying Africana receptions of ancient Greece and Rome and to foster collaborative research and pedagogy between Classics and other disciplines.

Hesperides, Classics in the Luso-Hispanic World
Hesperides holds within its purview any scholarship that examines the diverse manifestations of Greco-Roman engagements across and between Iberian contact zones: the Mediterranean, the Americas, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and beyond. Additionally, the organization welcomes scholarship highlighting the contributions of those who have been overlooked in previous scholarship, such as indigenous, Afrodescendent, and female voices.

Mountaintop Coalition
The Mountaintop Coalition is composed of students and scholars of the ancient Mediterranean world and its reception (broadly defined) with a shared interest in advancing the professional goals of Classicists who identify as members of ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in the field. 

Multiculturalism, Race & Ethnicity in Classics Consortium (MRECC)
The Multiculturalism, Race & Ethnicity in Classics Consortium (MRECC) works to raise awareness and support the study of multiculturalism, race, and ethnicity in classics and classical archaeology at all levels. MRECC aims to: 1) support students and faculty from underrepresented groups; 2) aid in the research of race and ethnicity in the Classical world; 3) and provide resources for the teaching of race, ethnicity, and multiculturalism in the Classics classroom.

Trans in Classics (TIC) 
This group is for trans and non-binary folx and their friends to meet and discuss trans-issues in Classical Studies, to provide resources to benefit and broaden our academic community and to improve scholarship touching on trans-identities or readings. 

Women’s Classical Caucus (WCC)
Women’s Classical Caucus fosters feminist and gender-informed perspectives, especially those with intersectional and global approaches, in the study and teaching of all aspects of ancient Mediterranean cultures and classical antiquity.

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Graduate and undergraduate students should also know about the The John J. Winkler Memorial Prize award for written essays in any risky or marginal field of classical studies.

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