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Rehak Award

The Rehak Award, named in memory of former LCC co-chair Paul Rehak (1954-2004), honors the excellence of a publication relating to the LCC's mission, including, but not limited to, homosocial and homoerotic relationships and environments, ancient sexuality and gender roles, and representation of the gendered body. The range of eligible work covers the breadth of ancient Mediterranean society, from prehistory to late antiquity, and the various approaches of classicists drawing on textual and material culture.

Articles and book chapters from monographs or edited volumes, published in the past three years are eligible. Self-nominations are welcome; the nomination and selection process is confidential. Membership in the Caucus is not required, nor is any specific rank or affiliation.

Nominations should be made each year by October 31 to LCC co-chair co-chair Naomi Campa
( or Walter Penrose ( Please provide full bibliographic information, a copy of the text, and/or contact information for the nominee. The award will be announced at the next AIA/SCSopening night reception.

To honor Paul's memory, the LCC has established a fund that supports the continued existence of these awards. Please consider making a donation to support the Rehak Award Fund via PayPal:

or by submission to:

Jorge Bravo (LCC Rehak Fund)
Department of Classics
1210 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742

For more on Paul's career accomplishments, please see his homepage.


Previous Winners of the Rehak Award

2023 Tom Sapsford, "The Drumming of a Deviant Beat," in Performing the Kinaidos: Unmanly Men in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, Oxford University Press (2022), pp. 135-162.

2022 RafaƂ Matuszewski, "Same-Sex Relations between Free and Slave in Democratic Athens," in Deborah Kamen, C.W. Marshall (eds.), Slavery and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity, Madison: University of Wisconsin Press (2021), pp. 104-123.

2021 Kirk Ormand“Atalanta and Sappho: Woman in and out of time,” in Narratives of Time and Gender in Antiquity, ed. Esther Eidinow and Lisa Maurizio. London and New York: Routledge 2020: 28-48.

2021 Christian H. Blood, “Sed illae puellae: Transgender Studies and Apuleius’s The Golden Ass.” Helios 46 (2019) 163-188.

2020 Sandra Boehringer, with the artistic collaboration of Marjolaine Fourton, “Not a Freak but a Jack-in-the-Box: Philaenis in Martial, Epigram VII.67,” Archimède 5 (2018) 83-94.

2019 Jorge J. Bravo III "Herms, Boys, and the Objectification of Desire on Athenian Sympotic Vases," Eugesta 7 (2017) 1-67.

2018 David Halperin “What is Sex For?” Critical Inquiry 43 (2016) 1-31.

2017 Kate Gilhuly “Lesbians are not from Lesbos,” in Ancient Sex: New Essays, Ruby Blondell and Kirk Ormand, eds. 2015. 143-176.

2016 C.W. Marshall "Sex Slaves in New Comedy," in Slaves and Slavery in Ancient Greek Comic Drama, Ben Akrigg and Rob Tordoff, eds. 2013. 173-196.

2015 Jonathan Cahana "Androgyne or Undrogyne?: Queering the Gnostic Myth." Numen 61 (2014): 509-524.

2014 Holt Parker "Sex, Popular Beliefs, and Culture," in A Cultural History of Sexuality in the Classical World, Peter Toohey and Mark Golden, eds. 2011. 125-44.

2013 Daniel Orrells "Greek Love, Orientalism and Race: Intersections in Classical Reception,” Cambridge Classical Journal 58 (2012) 1-37.

2012 Amy Richlin, "Old Boys: Teacher-Student Bonding in Roman Oratory." Classical World 105 (2011): 37-53.

2011 Cashman Kerr Prince, "The Lioness & the Cheese-grater (Aristophanes, Lysistrata vv. 231 - 232),"Studi Italiani di Filologia Classica, 4th series, 7:2 (2009): 149 - 17

2010 H. Christian Blood, "The Trouble with Icons: Recent Ideological
Appropriations of Plato’s Symposium," Helios 35.2 (2008): 197-222 .

2009 David D. Leitao, "Male Improvisation in the Cult of Eileithyia on Paros,” Finding Persephone: Women’s Rituals in the Ancient Mediterranean, M. Parca & A. Tzanetou, eds., 2007. 252-76.

2008 Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos, "Beyond Sex: The Poetics and Politics of Pederasty in Tibullus 1.4," Phoenix 61 (2007): 1-20

2007 Mark Masterson, "Impossible Translation: Antony and Paul the Simple in the Historia Monachorum," in The Boswell Thesis: Essays on Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality.  Mathew Kuefler, ed., University of Chicago Press, 2005.

2006 Thomas E. Jenkins,"An American 'Classic': Hillman and Cullen's
Mimes Of The Courtesans," Arethusa 38 (2005) 387-414

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