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Graduate Student Paper Award

Lambda's new award is designed to encourage and reward scholarship by pre-Ph.D. scholars on issues related to the LCC’s mission, including, but not limited to: homosocial and homoerotic relationships and environments, ancient sexuality and gender roles, representations of the gendered body, and queer theory.

We ask for nominations of oral papers presented by a pre-Ph.D. scholar at a conference (including, but not limited to the AIA/SCS and CAMWS) within the last year. Papers should be ca. 20 minutes in length, as delivered. To nominate a paper, e-mail LCC co-chair Naomi Campa ( or Walter Penrose ( with the presenter’s name and email address and the title of the paper. Self-nominations are encouraged; information related to nominations is confidential. Membership in the Caucus is not required to be eligible for these awards.

Nominations accepted each year until October 31, with the winner announced at the next AIA/SCS opening night reception. Graduate and undergraduate students should also know about the The John J. Winkler Memorial Prize award for written essays in any risky or marginal field of classical studies.

Winners of the Graduate Student Paper Award

2023 Nicolette D'Angelo (UCLA), "What Would Hippocrates Do? Contagious Classical Reception in the Time of COVID-19" (SCS 2022).

2022 Grace Funsten (University of Washington) "The Mens and the Mentula: A Philosophical Reading of Maximianus’ Hymn to the Penis" (SCS 2021)

2021 Kelly McArdle (UNC - Chapel Hill) “Rethinking Julia Balbilla: Queer Poetics on the Memnon Colossus.” Presented at the Lambda Classical Caucus panel on “Lesbianism before Sexuality” (SCS 2020)

2020 Anne Truetzel (Princeton University) “‘Doing their Bit’: Remembering Women’s Contributions during the Second Punic War” (SCS 2019)

2019 (tie) Sarah Brucia Breitenfeld (University of Washington) "Aspasia, Cratinus and Hesiod Walk into a Bar...: Marital Invective in Cratinus's Cheirons" (CAPN 2018)

2019 (tie) Kay Gabriel (Princeton University) "The Modernist Sappho and the Genre of the Fragment" (SCS Boston 2018)

2018  Jennifer Weintritt (Yale University) “Textual and Sexual Hybridity: Gender in Catullus 63” (SCS 2017)

2017 Tom Sapsford (USC), “Saltatores vel pantomimi: Where and How Did the cinaedi Perform?” (Toronto SCS 2016) 

2016 Anna Conser (Columbia University), “Why can't a woman be more like a bee? Poetic persona and Hesiod's bee simile in Semonides Fr. 7” (New Orleans SCS 2015)

2015 Adriana Vazquez (University of Washington), "The Girl from Lesbos: A Metapoetic Reading of Anacreon 358 PMG" (CAPN 2014 Meeting)

2014 Mira Green (University of Washington) "Witnesses and Participants in the Shadows: The Sexual Lives of Enslaved Women and Boys in Ancient Rome" (Seattle APA 2013)

2013 Jen Oliver (Toronto) “Oscula iungit, nec moderata satis nec sic a virgine danda: the Callisto episode in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the typology of female homoeroticism,” Romosexuality: The Reception of Rome and the Construction of Western Homosexual Identities (Durham University, April 2012)

2012 Craig Russell (UCLA), "Boy Interrupted: Liminalities of Gender and Genre in Statius' Achilleid and Silvae 3.4," Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (San Antonio APA 2011)

2011 Mark Nugent (University of Washington / University of Victoria)
si vir fueris... Sexuality and Masculine Self-fashioning in Petronius' Satryrica,” Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (Anaheim APA 2010).

2010 Helene A. Coccagna (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) "Manipulating mastoi: The Female Breast in the Sympotic Setting,” Annual Meeting of the American Philological Association (Philadelphia APA 2009).

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